Tim Co Photographers

1. What makes us great?

We’re a team of professional and passionate New Yorker photographers – we know the city like the back of our hands! We know the best places to get that perfect shot and we know quick location-change remedies to a gloomy or rainy day.Not only do you get a fun photoshoot out of a session with us, you also get an impromptu tour of the city from the perspective of a local.

2. Why get married in New York?

There’s just something thrilling about having an intimate wedding in The Big Apple. It’s a quick ceremony with your closest family and friends – no fuss, no prolonged routines or rituals. Afterward, if you choose to do so, you can also get a photoshoot in any other location within the city for some post-nuptial shots.

3. So your wedding’s in a different state…

We’ll follow you there! We also do destination wedding photography, whether it’s an elopement as well or a regular church wedding. You can shoot us a message (link contact page) for what you had in mind, and we’ll work an arrangement out.

4. We’re with you every step of the way.

From that first message from you asking about our services, all the way until you receive your copy of your photos, digital and/or print, we’re going constantly be in contact with you to make sure that everything is as you expected it to be.